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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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riots, just after the funeral of freddie gray, the man who died while in police custody. curfew beginning tonight city officials say they're using every possible resource to end the violence, including asking the philadelphia police department for help. >> this is not protesting. this is not your first amendment right. this is just criminal act doing damage to a community that's challenge in the some ways that do not need this and do not need to be harmed in a way that we have today. >> this is one of our darkest days as a city. and now that we are much better than. >> this we know that the world is watching. and we cannot allow our city to evolve into chaos because of, you know, a small group of criminals. >> the world is definitely watching. good morning everyone, thank you for joining us. schools in baltimore are also closed today. >> many residents who are helplessly watching their city burn say their hearts are just
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broken. cbs news correspondent edward laurence joins us live in baltimore. >> within the last ten minutes, city work crews have come here to try and clean this intersection off. those reinforcements, are also here police have arrived those are maryland state troopers guarding this intersection we're a cvs got burned. thousands of arm national guard members have taken position on the grounds in baltimore. where tensions continue to escalate over the death of freddie gray. hours after the 25 year old was laid to rest monday, this city descend intoed chaos. authorities say protesters, many of them teenagers, pelted officers with object, including rocks, and sticks. police responded when pepper spray. demonstrators looted stores, damaged cars, set fires. the governor of maryland issued state of emergency monday night. >> we had opposite sends of the city pulling us at the same time. resources here will allow us to get on top of the issues at multiple locations. close to 30 arrests made more than dozen officers injured as night fell members of gray's
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family emerge today comdemn the violence. >> i want you actual get justice for my son but don't do it like this here. >> baltimore's mayor imposed city-wide week-long curfew which goes into effect tonight. >> what we are seeing isn't anger, it is destruction after community, the same community that they say they care about are destroying. >> gray died more than week ago from severe spinal injury, after being taken into police custody. the newly sworn in attorney general, lore eight lynch says the justice department will sends officials to baltimore as it continues its own investigation into gray's death. >> as of this morning six of the officers injured are till in the hospital. reporting live in baltimore edward laurence, back to you. >> i know lots of people are concerned about those officers. any word on their conditions this morning? >> yes, some of those injuries are actually fairly serious. they had broken bones, one officers was rendered unconscious, is what the baltimore police chief said yesterday. they were very concerned about those officers' conditions,
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but then the baltimore police want to make sure that this does not happen again today. >> edward lauren? baltimore, thank you we will see you throughout the morning. thank you edward. >> stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to monitor that situation, in baltimore, you can always get the latest information, as well, on the website >> want to update breaking news right now there is out of west philadelphia. investigators are on the scene after fire that damaged a bar in cobbs creek. the call to the 63rd street lounge near catharine street came in around 3:30 this morning, those flames were under control in less than a half hour. no injuries were reported. rescue workers trying to get aid into nepal are having trouble getting into remote communities, at least 4400 people are confirmed dead. soldiers are loading food, water, and other emergency supplies, onto helicopters near the epi-center of saturday's powerful earthquake. the united nations has released $15 million for earthquake victims local family has loved ones in the quake area, and we will have their story coming up for you
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at 6:30. >> right now 6:03. let's get your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning hey everyone weeks start things off on quiet note here. breezes still out there. it will be with us pretty much all day yet again. we have full sunshine for you here today even though we had some cloud cover left over, through the overnight, that has actually all starting to thin out. so we take you out first and for most to just the radar depiction here, on storm scan three the troy state sweep not picking up on anything right now. as we zoom it out, take a look at the last three hours there was one round of showers that rolled through portions of southwestern new jersey, delaware that's all since fizzled completeliment tell the clouds have done the very same thing. so that's setting us up for beautiful sunrise. you can see, all in the left-hand side of your screen there, that sort of fiery orange that's coming up over the horizon 46 degrees the current temperature at cut town area middle school, still mod owes breeze there, again notice that throughout the day. it is generally a north errly component to the winds flow. would you think it would make
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it feel cooler. overall talking comfortable conditions here today. upper 60s the expectation full sunshine for you looks like really nice afternoon and great excuse to be outside. not quite beach weather yet. but, memorial day is just 28 days away. countdown continues. justin, over to you. >> warm thought. that's what we like. much better than today, 1898 we had trace of snow here in the delaware valley. also new castle, delaware, f2 tornados in 1961, damaged six homes. we will see what's happening out on the roads not whole lot. we did have a traffic shot. looks like the camera has changed. looking at the river right now, and bridges actually, looking pretty good. looking good in both directions talcony palmyra bridge, smooth sailing in both direction actionment to the ben franklin bridge this morning, from new jersey, paying the toll, going over into the city, looking pretty good both directions inbound and out bound. area speeds coming in at the speed limit 55 miles per hour right now hanging
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through the vine street expressway, blue route and 76 also looking good. mass transit, new jersey river line reporting 30 minute stops this morning. erika, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. happening right now, a busy stretch of road in montgomery county remains closed this morning. crews are still cleaning up, sewage, and powder, that spilled after two trucks collided yesterday morning. "eyewitness news" report jan carabeo has new information she's live from lower providence right now jan? >> ukee, erika see south park avenue behind me here in lower providence township. still remains off limit the road still closed and officials on scene here tell me that this road will likely remain this way for some time. they'd hoped to get this road reopened to traffic by the morning rush, of course, this is heavily used highway, but that powder that you may be able to make out well down road, make up spilled during the crash yesterday. it is still on the ground, and it is very slippery, i'm told you can't just add water to it. >> so i'm told detergent needs to be brought in to wash it
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away. two vehicles involved, however, have been towed away, i'm told that happened right around 1:00 this morning some progress made here but not enough to reopen the road. >> this has been very clock closure. deadly accident happened 24 hours ago now, here on the south park avenue stretch of roadway near crawford in lower providence. police say a tanker truck caring waste, and driver of the tanker was kill, south park between eagle individual road remains closed, and as crews clean up, police are also still investigating the cause of this crash. >> examines each of the point of impact, and where things occur, it could potentially lead to criminal charges. but, we're early, in the investigation, at this point and we will be working for a
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long period of time at the scene. so you will want to plan an alternate route around this area. again, this road is closed, not going to open by the morning rush, and likely, will remain closed throughout the evening rush, as well. stay on top of t for now live in lower providence township, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> police have identified the man in custody for stabbing a worker at main line school. >> sir, kel tell us why you allegedly did this? >> that's "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter, you heard their questioning suspect ivan moore, he used to work at john barack hebrew academy in radnor. police say he got into the school on monday and then stabbed and then through bleach onto a kitchen worker who used to work with. >> moore tried to get away on septa trolley but was caught. no children were injured during that incident. >> in other news this morning
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this man accused of murdering member of nicky minaj's tour crew is due in court. peers boykin stabbed picket to death outside a bar in west oaklane back in february. another member of men age's crew was hurt in the attack, the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to put boykin on trial. >> also, today the supreme court will hear arguments that could legalize same sex marriages across the country. the high court will hear cases from kentucky, michigan, ohio and tennessee, all of which had marriage bans upheld by the federal appeals court in cincinnati. it is the only court that's ruled in favor of the state since the supreme court struck down part of the federal anti-gay marriage law in 2013. >> time right now 6:09. and we have a warning for pet owners in morning. coming up: we'll tell but this dog treat that can make you and your best friends sick. >> also, the video sends chills down your spine. when you see a group of elementary school student almost run down at the bus stop. and now, one of the moms is on
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a mission to catch that speeding driver. >> and do you remember this story, the delaware valley family that was poisoned on vacation in the virgin islands? well we're now learning that same pesticide is being used in our area in large quantities. that story coming
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>> no one was injured, fortunately, those rail cars were empty and did not contain any hawes ever hazardous material, how powerful the winds was. >> check this out. suv narrowly misses student getting on school bus in
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washington state. >> now video from the bethel school district shows the b approached the stop, this happened, last friday morning, as lisa's two daughters, five and nine, and neighbor toured the bus, suv speeds between them, watch right there. can you imagine how close that came nearly grazed one of the students' toast. >> it could have been way worse. just makes you sad at first then it makes you really angry that somebody would do that. >> she obtained the video from the school district and posted it on youtube. she hopes eyewitnesses will come forward or someone will recognize that vehicle and call police, because close enough to kree -- to graze a tow? >> so frightening. >> 6:13, we check in with katie for our forecast today. >> good morning we just talk about that wild weather in louisianna, still going at it pretty strong here thankfully none of the weather err expected to arrive here, toward the ends of the week here, for now, all good.
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lie pressure fakes the place ends up with breeze because of t still going for the upper 60s, still expecting full sunshine already real nice sunrise underwayment tomorrow beautiful. mid 70s sunshine, lighter winds, absolutely fantastic and great excuse to get outside. and even better excuse, because, by thursday, we see the clouds build in. the temperatures begin to take a tumble. and we're going to be dealing with some showers off and on throughout the day. very tract dependent with the storm. there is chance we end one some steady rainout of this friday. we'll let you know how things evolve. chance at least but for now, it is definitely cool and dreary and at least damp with some showers and mist in the forecast on friday. good news, it is all out of here by the weekend upper 60s, mid 07, a the weekend another one that looks pretty good coming up here. >> good tuesday morning everyone, all about the sunshine, really helps the temperatures this time of year. check out this sunday glare chester, delaware county, 95,
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452, looking okay, but a loft sun, we will be dealing with this morning so have the sunglasses outment we take you to the schuylkill, just before girard looking eastbound, the headlight, here, the taillights, and both directions volume starting to pick up just little bit but the travel times still looking okay from 76 eastbound the vine. still looking fairly clear with the volume. slowing down little bit 95 south from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. twenty-two minuted drive there. oaks to 202, clear this hour, seven minutes, new jersey river line expecting delay due to ongoing signal >> we are learning more about the troubles facing pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. grand jury report now made public for the first time alleges kane ordered release of secret information all to embarrass rival and then try to cover it up. three judge panel ordered separate inquiry whether cane
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violated cord order buyer firing james barber. he testified in the grand jury investigation, and the court want to know if his firing was in retaliation. >> this is very serious allegation that's been at the feet of the attorney general. >> doesn't look retalatory at all, would you see at any proceeding that steps were taken to reorganize the office to make it morae negative, to make it more he cautious. >> grand jury has recommended perjury and obstruction charges against kane. decision on whether she is charged will be made by montgomery county district attorney, risa furman. >> state of emergency remains in effect after violent night of demonstrations and vandalism in baltimore. buildings were set on fire, cars overturned, after the funeral of freddie gray, who died in police custody. flames broke out 637th street
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lounge at 63rd and catherine streets, about 3:30 this morning in philadelphia, the cause is being looked into. >> parks could be closed all day again less than 24 hours after two trucks collided there, causing that big mess. one of those drivers was killed in the crash. we'll be right back.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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>> baseball officials will decide by 9:00 a.m. if the orioles will host the white sox this afternoon, to make up last night's game that was
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canceled because of rioting in baltimore. the mayor has declared a state of emergency, and i am posted a curfew in that city. >> to the phillies in st. louis, last night. check out ben revere, two run ground rule double in the seventh inning giving the phils a lead, in a pitcher's dual as stadium. made a winner of that guy cole hamels dominant in his first win of the year. cole went seven and struck out nine and looked really good doing it. leading the fighting's to four to one victory, tonight the major league debut of gonzalez, gay time from st. louis 8:15 p.m. >> well the eagles are we warding defensive end for his career high 70 tackles last seasonment pick up his fifth year option which will increase his sal fry from 1.7 million this season to 7.8 million in 2016. the draft is thursday. eagles 20th in round one. >> we're also getting look at the 2015 edition of your philadelphia eagles cheerleaders. >> the new squad was announced
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last night at the kimmel center. >> ♪ ♪ >> sold out crowd watches for 06 finalists only 38 spots open. the cheerleaders were judged on their physical fitness and the dance moves fans, this was fun got to smith questions through social media, for the interview portion of the night. want to wish congratulates toss our 2015 eagles cheerleading squad. >> indeed. brand new squad. do a lot of work in the community, as well. on the field and off nice job. up next, hundreds of thousands cars recalled at doors that sydney fly open. >> also, alligator attack caught on camera, and the trainer remains in incredibly calm. hear what he said went wrong during this live demonstration, that's coming up.
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>> breeze still, be extra cautious we take you out to here, no red flag warnings, just worth a mention. it is actually going to end up being really decent day, to fire up the grill. 69 degrees and sunshine, who is work that grill today? it is justin! and he's our resident house chef in the room. i think we're having tofu, veggieburgers. >> i like it. >> i don't like that. i'm going upscale. i'm grilling lobster tails. >> oh, now that's how we roll at my place. >> that deserves a round of applause. >> out on the roads, stacking up little bit. so speeds coming down, so typical coming through northeast philadelphia. the ben franklin bridge, you can see the sun shining so
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nice start to the morning inbound into the city, volume picking up, speeds still okay out bound in new jersey, no problems, and we go into new jersey check some of your travel times and looking good, 295 north, from the memorial bridge to 42 all clear, that's 25 minute trip. ukee erika, we send it back to you. >> all right, thank up, justin, we all know you can't drink until you are 21, in hawaii, may have to wait until you are 21 to speak as well. bill awaiting the governor's signature would ban the sale of cigarettes other tobacco products to anyone under 21. anyone caught breaking the law would face 10-dollar fine for the first offense. the legal age right now, 18 to smoke in most states. in new jersey, though, it is 19. >> well, forwards forward is recalling nearly 400,000 vehicles, because of doors that may not the recall includes certain fiesta ace fusions lincoln mkz ' from 2012 to 2014. no major injuries reported. dealers will replace all four door latches at no cost to
6:26 am
customers. certain dog chews being recalled for possible salmonella contamination. f d.a. says there is potential risk that both dogs and humans handling nylabone dog chews could be infected. no illnesses have been linked to the products yet. only packages caring the lot number 21935 are affected. >> things go wrong for all gator train nerve texas. happened at a music festival. just ordinary stem on -- demonstration, more than 100 people watching. the owner taps the gator's head, then it snaps. even the crowd panicks. see the camera jerked. trainer though remained calm. the traper said he's just fine, my goodness, should serve as lesson, notess with gators if you don't have the experience of course. >> don't tap his head!
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>> sorry don't tap. >> oh, that was scary,. >> leave the gators alone. >> getting close to the bottom of the hour. coming up in the next half hour monitoring the developments in baltimore what looks like war scene buildings and cars set on fire, police under attack by protesters, and now the city has a request for philadelphia police. justin? >> and ukee, as the rescue effort continue in nepal local family watching with bated breath. i'm justin fin. what they know about their loved ones this morning. >> thank you. checking in with kate. look at the gorgeous sunrise down the shore and justin's keeping an eye on the roads for you. we'll have traffic and weather together on the 3's. looking at nice spring day today. gets even better tomorrow, though. katie let us know how when we come back in two minutes. and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go.
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and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, thank you for joining us, in the news, fires have been burning all night long in baltimore as rioters protest the death after man in police custody. maryland's governor has declared a state of emergency and has activated the national guard. protesters many of them teenagers, pelted officers with rocks and sticks, demonstrators also looted stores damaged cars, and set fires, close to 30 arrests were made and more than dozen
6:31 am
officers were hurt in is one of the dark ers days as a sit. i know we're much better than. >> this we know the worlds is watching, and we cannot allow our city to evolve into chaos. >> willing imposed week long city, which goes into effect tonight. erika? connect today freddie gray died week ago in police custody. the violence began shortly after grace funeral yesterday. started where arrested and pushed into police van gray died of spinal cord injury, how that happened, is still a mystery. gray's family says, violence is not a way to honor him. >> don't kill the hot silly man, just for him. that's wrong.
6:32 am
>> this could be a mother son moment. caught on video slapping involved in the riot. people who witnessed this attack say they think that riot err is the woman's son or close family member. >> and, stay with "eyewitness news", as we continue to monitor the situation in baltimore. and remember for updates any time you can always hop on line to our time coming up now on 6:33, our traffic and weather togetherment katy? >> storm scan3 nice and empty, still have hint of breeze out there but overall we're expecting really nice day to un fowl for you if you have outdoor plans, they are a go. storm scan3 as promised looking completely devoid of activity, even have the twi state sweep. we move on, go ahead end up here with that sunshine brightly here, and that's going allow us to move quickly. 8:00 a.m., we should be back lower mid 50's, then back into the 60s here, no later than noon. warm to up seasonable
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68 degrees, then the sun begins to drop over the horizon about 5:00 will send the temperatures to decline. more sunshine in the forecast for you today. again, with that breeze, sort of the one and only xfactor as i call it, but as we look ahead to the area headlines despite beautiful mid week we have coming up through tomorrow, there is a coastal storm that we've got to talk about. than will bring its impacts to our area thursday and friday. more details on that straight ahead. thon date in 1898, trace of snow in philadelphia, 95 cottman, that's right, floor director looking at me, with crazy eyes, yes we had snow on this day it is possible . >> typical this hour of rush hour right now. boulevard, fox street, southbound, the taillights here moving at okay speeds, but the volume starting to
6:34 am
pick up little bit. new jersey river line, 30 minute service once again today. this is ongoing signal problems. route 23 valley forge road closed between moore hall road, this is bridge repair until late 2015. the alternate route 29 or valley park road. lower providence township, south park avenue still closed eagleville road and falcon reg. egypt road, trooper road, sunny side avenue are the alternate. that's a look at your ridement back to you. >> supplies are flying in through nepal after saturday's powerful earthquake, however the flights are creating major back up at kathmandu small airport. >> justin finch joins us, to tell but the quake's impact on local family. justin good morning. >> they have two children living in nepal, and they have families now in that area. siblings are okay, but as you might imagine, in the duration. quake, mother and father in
6:35 am
hatboro are quite nervous. >> though their home is in hatboro, ned and valerie rogers say their hearts and minds are in nepal. >> we have feeling of anxiety we can't help them, see them. >> couple's oldest son and daughter would be as missionaries outside the capitol of kathmandu for more than ten years siblings had cared for more than 20 children and two orphanages, and have their own families. saturday's 7.8 quake hit about midday in nepal and almost four days later the rogers say their children are living outdoors. feeling safer in the open air than in their now structurally unsound homes. >> around the clock rescue effort continue, crews using shovels, and even their bear hands, to search for survivors a mid mounds of rubble. teen found this manna life, discovered trapped beneath layers of wreckage. volunteers like this hope to
6:36 am
find more survivors but now they may only uncover more dead. >> if we can save someone's live, that's we are doing. >> worse quake since 1934, coping with its grief, as it counts its dead. >> standing at 4400, we do know 8,000 people at least are injured, and they believe at this .8 million people are affected by this quake. now the us has since supplied staff pledging $10 million in disaster assistance. live in the news room, justin finch, "eyewitness news". >> thank you justin. 6:36. the government has announced new rules for the reverse mortgage market. >> jill schlessinger up in new york for us, good morning. >> good morning,. >> first and for most, once
6:37 am
again, what is reverse mortgage? >> well, it is a home loan which allows homeowners to wear 62 or older who have either entirely or mostly mortgage to convert portion of the equity of their homes into cash. now, couple every things. you have got to keep that home as your primary residence and the amount you can borough it, depend on few factors. the age of the youngest borrower, the current interest rate and the appraised value of the home. most reverse mort gangs are offered through hud and they're guaranteed by the fha. >> okay, so what are these new rules now jill? >> okay, now before yesterday, applying for reverse mortgage was pretty easy now like applying for traditional mortgage. reverse mortgage borrowers financial assessment test, they have to prove they've paid their taxes their homeowners association fees, and other property related charges, on time for at least
6:38 am
the past couple of years. >> now you have back up, monthly overview every expenses cash flow, tax records. >> out of curiosity, what happens if potential bore over ers fall short? >> if you fall short it doesn't mean it is all over, but as a reverse mortgage e you may be required to fun something that the government is calling a life expectancy set aside. will basically take a bun of the money from the loan, put it into separate account makes sure you can pay your future tax and insurance obligations. think of it casino of like the escrow account on conventional mortgage, you pay your property tax and homeowners insurance. rules really mean fewer people will qualify for reverse mortgages, so for more on these new reverse mortgage rules, you can go to jill on money. com. >> you got t thank you jill, appreciate it. >> oh, the world is still
6:39 am
waiting to see whether britain's royal baby number two is a boy or a girl. the dutchess of cambridge reportedly four days now past her due date. kensington palace won't confirm the news, but they say that when the new baby does arrive we'll find out about it via social media. how about that? now the bibby's gender, weight and time of birth will be announced on facebook and twitter first, but the name is what everyone is all talking becomes they'll hold off on that one. >> why mcdonald's restaurant is banning children from eating without their parents. >> also, a teach here is being hailed a hero this morning after he tackles a student with a gun. >> and a local teenager, who can solve the rubic's cube in less than six seconds he's joining us live in our studios, hopefully we'll get few pointers, i'm oiling up the knuckles right now. we'll see if it helpings. >> under six seconds. incredible. >> craze. >> i he is right here.
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here eight katie and the weather watchers. >> getting in nice cool reports, seasonable reports in terms every temperatures from the weather watchers this morning. also some nice pictures, too which we definitely opportunity outline show to you, 48 degrees sent in to us from michael out in little egg harbor township, full sunshine, beautiful start to the morning for him pretty much everyone else, light win for now but definately little chill toy start things oi want to show you his picture look at that street of sunlight
6:43 am
coming through the houses here. off to nice bright sunny start, requiring the sunglasses for sure for him. new castle county, we've got 49 degrees coming into us from dolores she said great start to the morning almost ooh already, and she did say grab a jacket. i like that advice. yes, you know, we are still at the point. year where layers are key. but, we are also seek what is left at least of any cloud cover, you see that all retreating here just because weighs were still watching clouds retreat early this morning. that said, as we break for full sunshine it, will allow the uv index to climb. so pretty much right on par with the expected six on the uv index today right between moderate and high level. always have sun glock regardless, now getting to the point of the year where you can burn little quicker, so just keep that in mine, because it will be couple every days to beat be outside. specially tomorrow, look at that 73. that's my bad. i thought i had my tell
6:44 am
straighter on, 73 and sunshine, then cooler couple of days coming up thursday, friday with new storm developing. justin, over to you. >> excuse me? >> don't make me come over there, jd. >> northbound, volume picking up little bit headed toward the city, but looks like we are slowing things down, 76, right around the boulevard again, out bound, still dealing with reverse commute this morning with the increased volume. do have accident upper southampton maple avenue at street road. there is a look at the area speeds again schuylkill right around city avenue slowing down to about 20 miles per hour down to 11, still looking okay, new jersey turnpike, 295, shrill slow, coming up, 55 merging onto the 42 freeway. we send it back to you.
6:45 am
>> oh, thank you. hey, rubic's cube, one tough puzzle. >> you can never do this. >> for most people, five to 102nd to even decide first move. >> montgomery county teen can soften tire cube in less than six seconds. >> like most freshman, 15 year old cop inch burns spends a lot of time doing homework. the holly ville teenager home schooled annex else in math. when not solving equations he's solving something much more complicate the the rubic's cube. >> hey probably 30, 40 rubic's cubes. >> he solves these puzzles not in a hour or one minute. colin can complete the cube in less than six seconds. >> what? >> well, 5.25 seconds to be exact. this is colin winning the world cubic association championships on saturday. the cube randomly scramble, has to up 15 seconds to stud at this before the timer start. colin is the first american to
6:46 am
win the championship since 2006. and he beat the record by .3 of a second. that's an eternity in the world of speed cube g. so how does he decide where to start? >> when it come to solving a cube do you it in steps. first build a cross that's, build up by layers, do first two layers, then do you a couple deaf rental gore i am office series of moves that you perform to go from one pat attorney another one. >> colin has been cubeng for four and a half years and says it is not that hard to do. >> lots of different methods and it is really into the difficult to learn. you can learn in a couple of hours on line. >> by the way can also solve the cube with one hand, takes him little longer, but really, who is counting at that point? >> crazy punk up. >> that was jest did a dean reporting. colin's speed cube record will be included in the next edition every guiness book of world records. >> ii know we had to have our man in the house. congratulations, young man. remind everybody about the
6:47 am
goal first of all how can you do it so fast again? >> really just practice. >> okay. >> started with a youtube tutorial? >> yes. there are so many tutorial. amazing how much you can learn for freon line. i just put it up on youtube two years ago. and took it from there. >> what's the longest amount. time it has taken you? >> when i first started i could probably do it in five minutes. didn't take long to get that down. >> five minutes? oh brother. >> didn't take long to get it under a minute. much easier to go from five minutes to 302nd than it was from 302nd to ten seconds. >> now, what are you thinking as you're doing that? are you thinking of the move you are doing at that time? >> i'm sort of what we call look ahead. which basically means i'm trying to plan out my future moves. i'm trying to plan out about ten moves ahead that way i don't have any pause.
6:48 am
>> so like chess, do you have look forward, look ahead in your game. all right, do you have teach us man. >> so as we are trying to do there is you start from what cross? >> yes. >> you so you sort of start from the bottom up. of -- a lot of people think it is casino of this side there is side. but you sort of have to do it more three dimensionally. all of the sides at once. >> okay, we want to cross you i think. we doing that? >> close up. >> i think we have a camera shot on him. >> let's get that real quickly. >> five, four, three two one. boom. >> you're doing great! >> wow. >> 102nd. >> that's incredible. >> yes. >> watch this. wait. >> did i it! >> oh, ukee! >> how about it? >> he's like wow.
6:49 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. your friends are probably like wow, you're the bomb, my man. are they pretty impressed with your skills? >> get ac lot of congratulations. >> and you also collect these too? how many do you have? >> probably 30 40. >> these things have been around a long time, they're fun. keep doing your thing. >> thank you. >> congratulations, come back and see us. >> i'm impressed. thanks so much. >> you don't think did i that? >> okay. pinocchio, we move on. >> all right cool. >> right now 6:49. and local college student sent wrapping his way into the hearts of many people. >> now, it is not easy, have a list, but learn to shake it off just like taylor swift. i start out from the bottom -- >> catchy lyrics like that have made west chester university senior tareq williams an i he also sings to share an important message. >> my lyrics really mean a lot to me. i want people to understand my lyrics, know how much it means
6:50 am
to me. >> tomorrow on "eyewitness news" this morning we will tell button stack else that young rapper had to overcome and the vision of hope he has for the future. >> no reported injuries, 63rd and catherine cause of the fire still being looked into. >> also, lower providence montgomery county park avenue could be closed all day again today. crews have a bick clean up job ahead. yesterday's deadly collision of a tanker and another truck triggered a spill and fire. >> police in gloucester county warn of robbery spree for senior citizens. woman talk her way into homes in west depford, greenwich township over the past week. we'll take a short break be and be right back. first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:51 am
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>> road recovery continues for family poisoned by pesticide in the u.s. virgin islands last month. "eyewitness news" has learned that steve esmond is in stable condition, and i and i am proving his two boys remain in critical condition. the boys' mother is recovering now at home.
6:54 am
>> now, methyl bromide the pesticide believed to make the family sick, being used in our area in large quantities. one man is sharing his story with us, exclusively with "eyewitness news". this was jason patrick, ten years ago, on vacation with his family. this is him now, struggling to get around, let alone hold his kids like he used to. patrick says he worked as a fumigation technician, and was poisoned by methyl bromide pesticide used to fume gate produce. >> i woke up one morning chest was on fire, through the burning, then came numbness. >> according to medical expert testimony, patrick's nervous system has been poisoned. western fumigation the company he used to work for chose not to comment on this story. >> outside a school in seattle, brady olson government and civics teacher
6:55 am
tackled gunman. >> we ran down the main hallway. took hallway off to the right went out to the welding room. >> he's shooting, there is a gun. >> he we look in the window, saw mr. olson tackle him. he was on the shooter on the gown mr. olson was. >> three of his staff members helped olson holds the gunman down until police got it the school. there is no word on motive for the shooting but the student told police he never intend today hurt anyone.>> one pennsylvania mcdonald's is not loving it when it comes to kids hanging out at the restaurant. banning kids and tones unless they have an adult with them. last week, 25 to 50 kids caused a disturbance at the location. this is not the first time altoona police have had issues like this in their area. kids have tendency to gather after school, that's when the trouble apparently start. police looking for ways to help move them out that far area. right now 6:56. we want to get another quick check on the traffic and weather together. just kind of nice spring day. >> really is looking good. we will still have breeze out
6:56 am
there four. do you have keep that in mine. one final check on the seven day, today and specially tomorrow, look awesome. thursday, friday we do go downhill with a storm nearby. and then by the weaken, it is all on the up and up again. we got to deal with the wet weather inbetween. overall not horrible forecast. looks like we will start warming up nicely into next week. >> look at the temperatures close to the 08 degrees mark. traffic really not that bad that's kind of quiet some increased volume, blue route at baltimore pike, just typical rush hour little slow in some spots. >> you got it, thanks, coming up in just couple every minutes, more local news weather traffic and sports on our sister station the "cw philly". don't forget you can now find the "cw philly" on comcast xfinity channel 13 or hd811 also, on verizon fios 16 or hd516. and even rcn. channel 17 or hd1017. >> even rcn. >> i'm telling you also, remember to join us bright and early every weekday morning right here on cbs-3 we start things off at 4:30 a.m. next on cbs this morning, a
6:57 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, april 28th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a state of emergency in baltimore. fires flare overnight. and the national guard rolls in after hours of chaos. questions this morning about why the police lost control. a humanitarian crisis grows after the earthquake in nepal. holly williams is there. and we'll talk with an american climber still trapped on mt. everest. and charlie questions nfl commissioner roger goodell with whether the league is doing enough to silence critics. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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